EU CD: Nonesuch 7559-798052-2
US CD: Nonesuch 79805-2
original release date: September 23, 2003

Little Bird
Emmylou Harris, Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Emmylou Harris: lead vocal & acoustic guitar
Kate McGarrigle: backing vocal & accordion
Anna McGarrigle: backing vocal
Buddy MIller: acoustic & electric guitar
Tony Hall: bass guitar
Malcolm Burn: whistling & churanga
Brady Blade: drums & percussion
O Evangeline
Emmylou Harris
Emmylou Harris: lead vocal & acoustic guitar
Anna McGarrigle: backing vocal
Kate McGarrigle: accordion
Malcolm Burn: various
Jill Cunniff: backing vocal
Plaisir d'amour
traditional arr. Kate & Anna McGarrigle & Emmylou Harris
Emmylou Harris: vocal & acoustic guitar
Kate McGarrigle: vocal, acoustic guitar & violin
Anna McGarrigle: vocal & accordion
Cup of Kindness
Emmylou Harris
Emmylou Harris: lead vocal, backing vocal & acoustic guitar
Kate McGarrigle: backing vocal
Julie Miller: backing vocal
Buddy Miller: acoustic guitar
Daryl Johnson: bass
although precise details for the McGarrigles' contributions are unknown the following details apply to the album:
recorded at: Le Maison Bleu Studio, Kingston, NY; Masterlink Studio, Sound Emporium and Ocean Way Studios, Nashville, TN
produced by: Malcolm Burn
engineered by: Josh Muncy, Joe West & Todd Vos assisted by Dean Norman, Brando Manus (Masterlink), Chris Scherbak (Masterlink) & Rob Clark (Ocean Way)
mixed by: Josh Muncy & Malcolm Burn
date: February - June 2003
although not performing on the recorded version that appears on this album Kate & Anna McGarrigle have co-writing song credits with Emmylou Harris on ' I Will Dream'

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