1966 The Mountain City Four
Helicopter Canada
1970 Chris Rawlings
Pearl River Turnaround
1971 Loudon Wainwright III
Album II
1973Loudon Wainwright III Attempted Mustache 1974Maria Muldaur
Waitress In A Donut Shop
Anna McGarrigle
Pacha 45
1975 Kate and Anna McGarrigle Loudon Wainwright III Unrequited 1976 Kate and Anna McGarrigle Dancer with Bruised Knees1977 Saturday Night Live 1978 Kate and Anna McGarrigle Pronto Monto The Albion Band
Rise Up Like the Sun
Gay & Terry Woods
Tender Hooks
1979 Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites Richard & Linda Thompson Sunnyvista Eddie Schwartz
Kevin Head
No Frills
Kevin Head / Bill Garrett
Catherine Lara
Coup D'Feel
1980Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse / French Record
Geoff Hughes
Geoff Hughes
1981 Kate & Anna McGarrigle
unreleased demos
1982Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Love Over and Over
In the Dawning1983John T Lutz
1984Roger Glover
The Mask
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
unreleased demos
1985Kate and Anna McGarrigle
45 / Feed the Folk
1986The Best of the Cambridge Folk Festival 1988Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller Home At LastDom DeLuise
Eat This - The Video
1989David Van Tiegham
Strange Cargo
Emmylou Harris
1990 CBC Variety RecordingsKate and Anna McGarrigle
Heartbeats Accelerating
Celtic Music
Songs of the Civil War The Chieftains
Bells of Dublin
1992 'Til Their Eyes Shine /
Child Of Mine
Loudon Wainwright III
Bittersweet Canada
Songs of the New Depression
Animation Greats! 1993Rudolstadt Tanz & Folkfest The Ballad of Little Jo1994 Borrowed Tunes
A Tribute To Neil Young
The Return of Tommy Tricker1995 Lit From WithinJoan Baez
Ring Them Bells
Emmylou Harris
Wrecking Ball
1996 Gilles Vigneault
C'est ainsi que j'arrive a toi
Kate and Anna McGarrigle
1997Gabriel Yacoub
Greg Prestopino
Big Red Nude
1998 Michel Rivard
Maudit Bonheur
The Folkscene Collection Kate & Anna McGarrigle
The McGarrigle Hour CD
Tammy Wynette Remembered1999 Gzowski In Compilation Live @ the World Cafe vol 9 Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris
Western Wall
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
The McGarrigle Hour DVD
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Live at Montreal Expo 1981
2000Emmylou Harris
Red Dirt Girl
Geoff Muldaur
2001Nick Cave
No More Shall We Part
The Songs of Pete Seeger vol 2 Kate & Anna McGarrigle
La vache qui pleure ver 1
2002 Robin Holcombe
The Big Time
When Love Speaks 2003 Emmylou Harris -
Stumble Into Grace
Lou Reed
The Raven
Rufus Wainwright
Want One
Redub Chroniques
2004 Rufus Wainwright
Want Two
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
La vache qui pleure ver 2
Emmylou Harris
Light of the Stable
2005Martha Wainwright
Martha Wainwright
Beau DommageEmm Gryner
Songs Of Love And Death
The McGarrigle Christmas HourRufus Wainwright
2006Rogue's Gallery The Harry Smith Project RevisitedPenny Lang
I'm Your ManXavier Cafiene
2007Rufus Wainwright
Release the Stars
Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall
Rufus Wainwright
Rufus! Rufus! Rufus!
Emmylou Harris
2008 Groupes de PamplemousseMarianne Faithfull
Easy Come Easy Go
Der Frans Slag
Martha Wainwright
I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too
Alex Shoumatoff
Suitcase on the Loose
Emmylou Harris
All I Intended to Be
Rosalie Sorrels
Strangers In Another Country
2009 The Original Transatlantic Sessions Martha Wainwright
Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, a Paris
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
A Not So Silent Night
Elvis Costello
Spectacle: Elvis Costello With...
Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Concert 2010Kate & Anna McGarrigle
2011Loudon Wainwright III
40 Odd Years
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Tell My Sister
Kate McGarrigle
1971 NYC demos
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
1974 Amigo / A&R demos
Sloan Wainwright
Upside Down & Under My Heart
2012Rufus Wainwright
House Of Rufus
Chris Rawlings
Autumn Gold
2013Son Of Rogue's GallerySing Me The Songs That Say I Love YouLive At Caffè Lena


This document represents an attempt to collate and clarify the various audio and video recordings of Kate & Anna McGarrigle. With only 11 albums to their name over a period of 35 years - not counting a 2011 3CD compilation - the sisters would not be considered particularly prolific as commercial recording artists but, as the list on the left of this page testifies, their efforts actually extended much further, with many contributions to compilations or as backing vocalists on other artists recordings.

Kate & Anna performed on the folk circuit for a number of years during the late 60s and early 70s in various guises - as part of Le Trio Canadien, The Mountain City Four, Kate solo and with Roma Baran, and eventually as a duo, but record company interest had been negligible. Their initial involvement on released records was restricted to guest contributions: Anna (as part of a Kate-less Mountain City Four) on a Chris Rawlings LP released in mid-1970 and Kate on her then-husband Loudon Wainwright’s second album released in mid-1971. However, their earliest known commercially distributed recording dates from some years earlier. While it is sometimes reported that they were invited to compose the soundtrack for Helicopter Canada, a 50-minute film directed by Eugen Boyko for the National Film Board of Canada in 1966, this would appear to be something of an exaggeration as their contribution was limited to a Mountain City Four performance of Kate's "The Bluenose," one of several songs with similar titles devoted to the eponymous schooner that became famous in the 1930s. Eventually their involvement in two Maria Muldaur albums led to a record deal with Warner Brothers and the release, in late 1975, of a highly acclaimed debut LP. [For the comprehensive story you are advised to seek out Dane Lanken's (husband of Anna) wonderful book Songs & Stories.]

While these pages are devoted to commercially released recordings there are occasions when unreleased material has been included. Details have been compiled from original UK, US & Canadian LPs and CDs together with relevant VHS and DVD releases. There are relatively few items from continental Europe that warrant consideration but occasionally something unique or important has been included. Undoubtedly there are further unreleased recordings that do not appear here – particularly material that Kate & Anna would have created together at home as demos or for their own amusement. Nevertheless, while it would be well nigh impossible to compile a definitive sessionography, some effort has been made to draw together known loose strands and include relevant details here. It is not unreasonable to suggest that, despite continued critical acclaim, record companies found it difficult to decide how to promote McGarrigles product and, during the vinyl era, relatively few of their recordings were released as 45rpm singles. The ascendency of the CD meant that the last album pressed on vinyl was Heartbeats Accelerating (although this was limited to a European release only) and from Matapedia onwards albums became exclusively CD - the only exception being a 2010 release of The McGarrigle Hour as a 2 LP set. Commercial CD singles were non-existent although there are a number of their guest appearances that feature on such, and an attempt has been made to include these - both commercial & promo - where appropriate. Some judicious editing has been applied to Rufus Wainwright releases which sometimes have variations in format that would be superfluous here.

A certain degree of fluidity must be accepted when accessing these pages; it must be appreciated that recordings of songs are often created over a period of time and may therefore span different studios and dates. Incorporate the complexities of overdubbing, mixing, mastering etc and the pursuit of any significant "date" to attach to a particular recording becomes something of a futile exercise. This in itself raises a simple question: should items be listed in order of release dates or "recording" dates? This document has been designed to offer both options. The navigation bar on the left enables immediate access to any individual recording with entries listed roughly in chronological order of release. Further, a more detailed list, with dates, song titles and selected artwork, can be accessed from this link: List by recording date - compiled (with a high degree of guesswork) in order of recording. Neither approach is definitive. Alternatively you may browse entries by category via the navigation bar on the right which appears on every page. There are an unusually high proportion of guest appearances (including a number on rather obscure Canadian releases) which are all included. Some have re-appeared on alternate releases by the principal artist and they are annotated on individual album pages where appropriate. Usually, where such guest appearances have been included, other tracks from that album have been omitted. However, there are a few instances when an album has been included wholesale - perhaps because there is some doubt as to precise McGarrigle participation. This strategy may sometimes appear illogical. Additionally, re-releases of older LPs on CD have sometimes added unusual non-contemporaneous recordings. Film and TV soundtracks occasionally prove problematical. Kate, Anna & Jane provided incidental music for a number of films, and details have, for the most part, been simplified for this document. To annotate every second of such music would not be impossible but might just try the patience of the reader... and the sanity of this author. Of least importance are released recordings that appear on 'various artist' compilation albums; a number of these have been added as an afterthought but there are undoubtedly some missing. It may well be that some catalogue numbers are actually barcodes and it would be appreciated if such errors are pointed out.

Kate & Anna are the main performers unless otherwise indicated and usually they have been very precise with musician credits on album sleeves. Similarly they have been careful to distinguish between the lyricist and the musical creator. At present that information has been amalgamated although it can be assumed that any mention of Philippe Tatartcheff implies that he has contributed French lyrics. Some effort has been made to include details of engineers, studios, producers etc but this is not as comprehensive as it could be. Paradoxically there are undoubtedly credits included for personnel who actually had little or no involvement with McGarrigle recordings as guests, but these have been included until they can be definitively eliminated. There are a multitude of online sources that reproduce some of the information contained here but many of them are riddled with errors and typos. (In particular when consulting Wikipedia for confirmation of details regarding the Dancer With Bruised Knees LP it was a surprise to see a gaggle of respected bluegrass musicians listed for contributions to the album - none of whom are credited on that particular album sleeve - or actually play on the album for that matter. [This has now been corrected]. Further research revealed over a quarter of a million hits that had the same misinformation. Indeed an obituary of one the phantom musicians in a highly respected UK newspaper credited him for "fine work" on the LP.) I have done my best to filter out such mistakes but forgive me if something erroneous has slipped through. On occasion release dates for different countries do not align, and the one given is for the earliest known release. Dates have been sourced from a variety of databases, some of which give dates for CD releases of the vinyl albums that preceded them by some years. Such reissue dates have been ignored at this stage, and many of those obscure Canadian releases that feature guest appearances remain undated. Abbreviations on individual pages should be obvious: UK = United Kingdom; US = United States; CA = Canada; EU = Europe; FR = France etc.

On occasion unconfirmed details are indicated by an asterisk*.

If you have any evidence of recordings that are not here, or details that appear to be missing, please feel free to email me at petel99@virginmedia.com . Relevant art work has been included although a number of images have been (mis)appropriated from the internet and sometimes there is a conglomeration of LP and CD artwork - if you have anything that you feel should also be included by all means get in touch. In particular I neglected to note complete session details of the recordings that were, for a while, available at Philippe Tatartcheff's website and would appreciate it if anyone can supply that information. Likewise feel free to report errors, omissions, suitable web links and any stylistic discrepancies also.

Compiled by Pete Long © 2013, 2016 with a tip of the hat to Todd Compton, Hideki Watanabe and all the contributors to Discogs.com. Thanks as ever to Peter Clarkson, Steve Goldstein & Ron Gomes. Also Geoff Arnold & Simon Montgomery.

Kate & Anna's own website may be accessed here.

Date format is YYYY.MM.DD

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